Defensive & Focus/Response Handgun Courses

posted Nov 25, 2009, 12:32 PM by David Adams   [ updated Aug 9, 2017, 12:40 PM by DAVID ADAMS ]

You will need to bring:

A hat or cap with a brim, sunglasses or shooting glasses & hearing protection. (Safety goggles & hearing protection will be available if you need them).

Suitable range attire required; long pants, laced athletic shoes or boots. 
(No low cut tops, sandals, high heels or slip on shoes allowed. Please do not wear any perfumes or after shave lotions.)

A lunch, drinks, water, bug spray, sunscreen, a pen / paper to take notes & a portable camping chair.

A quality and functional semi-automatic pistol or a quality and functional double action revolver.

At least two magazines for your semi-auto or at least two speed-loaders for your revolver.

Magazine holster or speed-loader pouches for your belt.

A quality strong side hip retention holster that covers the trigger holster capable of allowing you to re-holster with one hand.

A light shirt or jacket used to conceal your firearm.

200 to 300 rounds of ammunition.

Make sure that your firearm and equipment are clean and functioning.

Range safety violations will be cause for immediate dismissal from this course.

(Note: This is not an NRA approved course)


Alcohol, drugs, animals, shoulder holsters, ankle holsters, cross draw holsters, fanny packs, holsters not specifically designed for your gun, holsters with antiquated flap type retention device, holsters without some form of approved retention device.