Simply owning a firearm is NOT enough! You MUST be trained in the use of that weapon.

A necessary part of that training is developing the "Defensive Mindset".

The “Defensive Mindset” is a state of mind that replaces your astonishment or fear when confronted by a chaotic, violent encounter.

Should you allow fear to enter your mind, the results can be debilitating because you will not be focusing on the task at hand.

Turn off the fear by focusing and concentrating on what you have trained for and that will get you through the chaotic, violent encounter.

Emotions, such as fear, denial, confusion, anger, rage etc. must be controlled in order for us to function in real life.

Hands-on realistic defensive training such as the Defensive Handgun course and the Focus & Response Training will teach you: 

The importance of mental preparation and how to create the defensive mindset.

Maintaining the defensive mindset while responding to a chaotic, violent encounter.

The psychological and physiological changes that may occur to you during a violent attack.

The emotional, legal and social aftermath of a defensive shooting.

Techniques for avoiding life-threatening confrontations.