Focus & Response Training offers advanced defensive handgun skills that must be mastered in order to dominant and survive a chaotic violent encounter.

This course teaches the shooter how to remain focused while rapidly deploying the handgun in close-range high speed scenarios and how to shoot accurately while reacting under stress.

The shooter is taught how to take a violent attacker to non-functional status as quickly and as simply as possible by focusing on hits that will interrupt the central nervous system and make it structurally impossible for an attacker to be a threat.

The shooter is educated as to how the body alarm system instinctively reacts during a chaotic violent encounter and is taught intuitive and conditioned counter responses to the situation.

Course is 8 hours in length.

Class fee includes: instruction, lesson plans, targets, a completion certificate & range fees. Does not include ammunition or use of firearms.

Price: $195.00

First come, first served basis....the class is limited to no more than 12...sign up NOW!

Option to acquire a State of Florida and/or Arizona non-resident concealed weapon permit (CCW), now recognized in more than 40 States (an additional $75.00).

(Note: This is not an NRA approved course)